Multiple bridges & wireless receivers in same house

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Hi Folks

I have two wireless programmable timers that I'd like to replace with Tado (first one does rads and hot water, the other is the underfloor heating in the kitchen).

Support tell me that only one wireless receiver is supported per account (quite the restriction!). I asked if I could simply use two accounts and purchase two starter kits. A pain to manage (logging in/out of apps etc.), but I'd have to live with it.

Support replied, and I quote:

"Creating two accounts in the same house would cause cause communication problems between the accounts and the airwaves would be scrambled" (really).

I queried, and the next response was:

"If two internet bridges are connected to the same router, this proximity could lead to communication problems". This I could believe if they were to use the same identity/hostnames etc., for each bridge, or base comms on the single public IP - but I suspect they'd probably use the S/N or some unique identifier for each bridge.

Can someone clarify what issues I could expect? I'd pair the first wireless receiver/thermostat and TRVs with the first bridge, and the second receiver/thermostat with the second bridge.

If that's doable, would also appreciate info on buying individual components if it's cheaper than two starter kits..

Thanks for any help.. James

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  • jimmymc
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    Hi All

    Just to finish this one up - after so many emails asking for my query to be escalated, I got through to someone who said there is no issue with up to 5 bridges on the same router. I get the impression they try to steer people away from it as the user experience of having to have several accounts and email addresses associated isn't great.

    Hope that helps others if they stumble on this.



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