Two temperature sensors in the same heating circuit. Is it possible?

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I have bought a new starter Kit V3+. I had an old bridge and temperature sensor v2+.

I have replaced the old bridge by the new one.

As a consequence, many current Tado installation is:

  • 1 bridge V3+
  • 1 wireless sensor V3+
  • 2 temperature sensors (one V3+ and one v2) connected to the same bridge. One sensor in a separate room.

My heating circuit is a single one with all radio intros connected to the same boiler.

Question: Is it possible to have two temperature sensors connected to the same bridge/wireless remote? Will the sensors give contradictory commands to the boiler? Is it possible have one dominant sensor and the other non-dominant?

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    Only you can know whether you want multiple smart thermostats. You seem to have them both connected. In the case of smart thermostats, either calling for heat would likely create a demand for heat to the boiler.

    The only conditions are calling demand for heat and not calling a demand for heat. These are not contradictory as the boiler only hears when there is a demand.

    How do you want the system to integrate a dominant and non-dominant smart thermostat?