How to get your forum question answered "properly"

Just so you all know - on this forum - your question will be marked "Answered" as soon as anyone replies.

Even if the reply is just "I have the same problem with my Tado"

This can make it look like all the issues are solved immediately!


Make sure you click "no" on "does this answer your question" button on any replies that do not actually answer your question.

You can always "like" these replies with a thumbs up to show that you appreciate the reply even if it does not solve the issue.

Of course it would be great to get email support from Tado themselves, but I imagine they are pretty busy!

This is not a criticism of Tado, or their forum, just advice from a fellow Tado user trying to get their heating to work.


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @HotPotato  You said your question will be marked "Answered" as soon as anyone replies which is of course correct but, in order to show which have been 'properly' answered as agreed by the OP, a tick mark is added to the answer box which then sends that post to the position immediately following the first post. In that latter respect I think it qualifies as barmy!

  • HotPotato
    edited February 2

    I agree - an issue is either solved or unsolved.

    The "Answered" and "Answered + Tick" is confusing for all concerned - the customers, and the manufacturers - Tado.

    I should have started this post as a "Dicussion" it is now a question by mistake - apologies

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