Radiators and pipes making noise since installing Tado


Hello all,

Since I have installed the Tado system my radiators and pipes are making a lot of noise when they are being heated. Before we installed Tado we didn't hear a thing.

At first I thought it had to do with air in the system so I bled out everything several times but the noise continues. Perhaps it has something to do with the pressure in my system? Before I installed the Tado system all the radiators were open, now, most of them are closed all the time and only the radiator requesting heat is open. However, the pressure in the system is currently 1.9 bar when cold which is within the suggested range of 1.5 - 2 bar.

What could be the cause of this noise? And more importantly, how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi
    Got same trouble with boiler only equipment.- The heating of thé water tank shall not be trun off - default settings for this water hâter tank shall be on all thé time. Thé valve is then not charges and thzr is no noise.
    Hâter shall be prugesd too.
  • I have the same problem, very noisy water flow when rads open. Looks like my boiler doesn’t have an adjustable pump: Glowworm Flexicom. Do I have no options?
    I’m assuming all rads should still be balanced as per a normal system?
  • Any clues on how to adjust pump flow on a combo boiler? I know physically how to, just after advice on how to know it’s right!
  • GJC74
    I lied - it is a two speed pump installed. Have switched to the lower speed and it is much quieter but not totally quiet, I think my only option is to reduce the pump bypass valve pressure a little.
  • GJC74
    I think the issue for me is with having 8 Tado TRV’s and not many open at one time, it’s creating flow issues- I don’t know if the pump is cavitating due to the resistance but switching to the lower speed has definitely helped. I might lower the pump bypass valve slightly just to see if I can make it totally quiet. As a side note, my bathroom towel rail is alway open (no TRV) so that it is always warmed when other rooms are heated so there’s always an additional flow option.
  • I have the same issue. Do Tado not respond to these queries? I’ve switched a couple of mine back to old TRV and noise stops. It’s a VERY loud knocking that I get when it’s been on for a minute or so and it often doesn’t stop. It’s worse on my old radiators than my newer ones but the valves don’t seem stiff or anything
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  • GJC74
    The issue isn’t Tado TRV’s it’s the flow when they are closed. With normal/dumb TRV’s they will all flow when the heating is on but with Tado, you might only be wanting heat in one room- and that’s what you’ll get. The pump then cavitates as it cannot push as much water as it should so it effectively breaks the water molecules back to hydrogen & oxygen.
    If you are able to turn the pump speed down, try that. If it doesn’t totally fix it, you may need to reduce the pump pressure relief valve operating pressure (if adjustable) what this does is to allow pump outlet pressure to bleed off back to the pump inlet to prevent cavitation.