Connection of Tado Bridge to devices through thick walls

I live in an old converted farmhouse with thick (800mm) stone walls. I doubt that I will be able to link all my radiator values to the Internet Bridge. Is it possible to have more than one Internet Bridge within the house linked to the same (mesh) wifi?


  • Unfortunately not but you can add your vote to the following suggestion:

  • @Jock I live in a similar property - I've had great success by moving the bridge to high up in the loft so it is looking down on all the rooms - going through ceilings and wooden floors is much better than thick stone walls! I haven't seen any disconnected rooms since.
  • Hi @johnbur,

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately our house is split in thirds serrated by very thick walls which have no openings at the attic level, so the problem remains the same unless I get above the roof !

  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭
    @Jock oh dear, yes, I understand, no chance with the current setup then. Good luck.
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