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Launch a range extender or upgrade to mesh network

Tado ticks many boxes but it's behind the competition in its lack of signal booster / wireless repeater. I'm unsure whether to take the risk and buy the system for my relatively large stone house given the risk of radio dropouts. If I knew I could add a range extender if required, I'd have the confidence to buy. Perhaps an extender is a better option than using a mesh network which might drain batteries more quickly.

Whichever you do Tado, it would be great if you could make a statement now that it will be backwards compatible with the hardware currently on sale.

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  • People have been asking for that since I installed tado in 2017. I have one rad that is on the edge of the range (2 floors directly below the hub) that can flattens fresh batteries in less than a week as it's constantly trying to connect and only briefly manages it.

    I like tado and think it's much better than not having it but the lack of movement since 2017 on a range extender makes me think it's not going to happen, so if you can work around it then go for it.

  • Needs a repeater/range extender.
    Can't really be taken seriously while it's limited to the range of a single component.

    Also needs to let users get at their own data.
    {What is my extender currently telling my boiler to do? How many hours has my lounge radiator been on this year? What's the temperature history of all my rooms for the last month?}
  • Please, please, please provide a range extender.

    Ref https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/11960?

  • making a system work better for the many many many variations of houses/objects in the way! or even upgrade the current bridge

  • Please add a range extender as soon as possible as the current range only covers part of my house making the Tado a disappointing heating system at the moment - with an extender it will be brilliant

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