[Released] Finer granularity of temperature reporting and adjustment for Smart Radiator Thermostats



  • @GrayDav4276 It will also be interesting to see how many people are constantly tinkering with their heating temperature settings to notice the change as personally the only time I adjust my thermostat manually is when the heating engineer is doing the annual service and needs the gas boiler firing up. The rest of the time I simply leave it to the smart schedule and geofencing.

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    [Released] 0.5° Temperature step for SRTs

    tado° is excited to present our 0.5°C temperature “Step size” changes for our Smart Radiator Thermostats.

    Many of you who appreciate our products have asked for a 0.5°C temperature change feature and we are glad to introduce the 0.5°C temperature granularity and reiterate our commitment to your satisfaction.

    You can now set the temperature to increments of 0.5°C instead of increments of 1.

    This applies:

    • In the Manual Control as you slide up and down.
    • In the Smart Schedule when you set the temperature on a Block.
    • In the Away Configuration - Away temperature.

    Thanks for using tado°

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    [...] "In the Smart Schedule when you set the temperature on a Block" - are you sure?

    App ver. 6.8 (10530) goes by 0.1°

    Also confirmed by @Germán here https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/28088#Comment_28071

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    Hey @rafm5

    You can't beat a bit of confusion from Tado can you.......maybe someone else fram Tado can help to clear up exactly what they mean.

    Here's a point to ponder on.....
    If Tado have "aligned" all the SRT's to be set at 0.5 degrees now instead of 1.0 degrees.....and then Tado states that Rooms "controlled" by Smart Thermostats or Wireless Temperature Sensor can still be adjusted by 0.1 degrees......can someone please explain how the SRT's can be set to two different settings when they are all on the same Firmware?? 🤔
    I'm confused.....by what Tado are expecting us to believe, because what is the point of "setting" a temperature of 20.3 if the SRT can only "see" 20 or 20.5

    I just don't get it...if I'm being thick....I'm sorry ☹️
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    The comment above only relates to the manual control and do not relate to the Smart Schedule.

  • So @Jurian,
    If I "control" my SRT's by having them in a Tado Room which has a Wireless Smart Thermostat or a Wireless Temperature Sensor as the measuring device......then the SRT's are able to be set (via Smart Schedule) to a granularity of 0.1 degrees.
    So my question is this......can the SRT's react to a small change in temperature request from the Smart Schedule.....for example a change from 20.1 to 20.2 or does the SRT require a "change" of 0.5 degrees to request or cancel a demand for heat.
  • So do I get 0.5 granularity or resolution on my wall thermostat or do you all recommend another system. Not taken the plunge yet. But current Honeywell thermostat does only whole degrees, thinking of going Fahrenheit

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    The tado° wall thermostat uses a granularity of:

    • 1.0 degrees in manual control on the device itself
    • 0.5 degrees in manual control in the app.
    • 0.1 degrees in the Smart Schedule. This is only true for our wall thermostats, the radiator thermostats also use a 0.5 degree granularity in the schedule.

    This is in Celsius. Honestly, I am not sure about Fahrenheit as we don't typically offer our heating products in countries that use Fahrenheit. Our devices can be set to Fahrenheit, and I assume the same resolution is used for Fahrenheit.