Multi Zone Heating system

I am an electrician but am a bit stumped, I have a system with 2 x radiator heating zones (Upstairs and downstairs), 1 x hot water and a separate wet underfloor heating zone. I had two of the one valves controlling the rads on 2 x Tado wired thermostats and the UFH and water on separate controls.

I assumed I could add an extension in addition to the 2 x thermostats to control my water from the app but doing this it has screwed my system up, I now cannot remove the extension module from the system. There are instructions on how to do this here but they do not work the three dots area just points you to the help centre.


  1. Can I run multiple wired Thermostats and an extension in addition to zone controllers, was hoping to run 2 x wired thermostats and an extension in both heating and hot water mode?
  2. How do I remove any device from my Home?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


  • I also have 2x heating zones plus hot water. I added 2x wireless receiver. Only one wireless receiver works (with one heating zone). I read that each Tado account can only have ONE wireless receiver. BUT I cannot remove the second wireless receiver from my account. I was thinking to have 2 accounts as a workaround.