Early start for radiators

I tried early start in normal rooms with radiators and found the early start begins excessively early (like 4 hours!) and was advised this feature can only be used for very slow systems like underfloor heating. Pity it cannot learn over time how long it takes to heat the room, take outside temperature into account, and start slightly early (like 20 minutes) to hit the correct temperature at the correct time. The instructions imply it already does this but 2 separate support/help chat people have told me it does not.
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  • Hi @Sarayna
    Unfortunately (in my opinion) the Tado "Early Start" feature is a complete waste of time...... especially if you simply want to "warm up" your rads for 20 Mins or so ahead of time.
    I can only suggest "tweaking" your schedule to include a couple of 15min time blocks that gradually ramp up to your desired temperature.
  • Franita
    Franita ✭✭✭

    Tado deleted all discussions about Early start early this year. Apparently there were too many. But meanwhile, the 1999 Honeywell Chronotherm IV still does this better than Tado!