Wired and wireless thermostat use

I have a wired thermostat in the hallway which means the sitting room is dependant on the hall temperature. Is there a wireless thermostat I can get which would override the wired thermostat if required?


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    Hi @pilgrim,

    Not clear if your wired thermostat is Tado or not and what your system is (eg with or without SRT's, combi boiler or heat only boiler with hot water tank). Tado do either wired or wireless starter kits. All Tado systems begin with a starter kit.

    They also do a wireless Temperature Sensor and a wireless receiver as add-ons.

    I used to have an old style wired room thermostat in a room that is not used too often. I removed it, linked it out and now have a wireless thermostat and an extension kit. The latter replaced an old style programmer. I also have a dozen SRT's. My system is a heat only boiler on Y plan.

  • Hi Klaus,

    Thanks for the info. I have a simple Tado system, one wired thermostat and an internet bridge, the boiler is a central heating and hot water system, I have no SRT's. It sound like the wireless thermostat would be the answer, as long as it will override the wired thermostat when in use.


  • Hi @pilgrim,

    If you don't have an extension kit / wireless receiver I assume that your boiler is a combi type. I believe that if you only want to shift your temperature reference point from the hallway to the sitting room then a wireless temperature sensor should do the job. My boiler is not a combi type.

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  • I have a similar question, I have a combo boiler with a Honeywell programmer and wired thermostat. I mistakenly bought the wireless starter kit. Is it possible to leave the old wired thermostat connected in a permanent on position then use the wireless Tado thermostat and receiver to control the system? It’s heating only.
  • @Andyc311

    Unless you want to use your old wired thermostat to control your boiler it would be best to remove it and wire the Tado wireless receiver directly to the boiler - following the appropriate instructions for the make / model.

    If it's a UK wireless starter kit then it will only have connections for simple on/off (relay) control of the boiler.