Hi, is it possible to add a ‘switch’ in the app to change from winter to summer. This is so that ALL of the heating can be change from either "WINTER HEATING ON" and "SUMMER HEATING OFF".

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  • samd
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    @John_4G I would be interested to know why you feel you cannot do that with the current system

  • beeftrader
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    The easiest way right now is to force “Away” mode, and set the Away temp to a very low value (5°). This avoids having to deal with changing your time schedules and leaving Auto-Assist geofencing on. This would still kill the batteries eventually, as does the new “Off” switch recently added.

    There’s a similar suggestion for a few years over on the German forums:
  • I guess the reason you can't do that is because if it's warm enough then the heating doesn't come on, whether it's summer or not. If you want to go a step further than that and make the heating double-off you can just put the zones in Frost Protection mode. If that's still not enough, you can create an IFTTT routine that turns all the zones off as well, and run that from a Calendar.

  • cbd20
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    They have been testing a global on/off switch among others on the web interface recently. While not explicitly called a summer/winter mode it'll pretty much do what you want. See here:

    Expect it to be released to the app soon based on the last comment on that thread.
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    Ich habe keine Heizung, warm Wasser ist da aber Heizkörper ist sehr kalt. Habe ich von so nach Winter gemacht aber läuft nicht. Können Sie helfen, was soll ich machen?