Adding a second tado just to control timed on/off of a second hot water boiler

Another pre-sales enquiry

Hi there. My house also has a second hot water boiler which has a wired Danfloss timer programmer. Not a thermostat just timed off/on. I want to replace this with some tado device because of the geo-fencing savings. Basically when I'm away I don't want the boiler to fire. So my question - can a second Tado stat be added that doesn't' use the thermostat component to switch. Thanks


  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello Eyeman113,

    Unfortunatelly not, a thermostat by definition can only work as a thermostatic control (based on the measured temperature). What we can use to control hot water is our Extension Kit, which for this matter is like any dual relay programmer -but tado controlled-. As you don't have any current control over the hot water, you can consult with your heating installer about how to add it.



  • jacoscar
    jacoscar ✭✭✭
    Buy a Shelly switch or something similar, then you can link it to Tado home/away mode through IFTTT