Support for multiple people and multiple zones

With current geofencing, if all devices are away from home all zones are set to away. If at least one device is at home, all zones are set to home.

Ideally, this should be more granular. As an example:

  • We have two devices, mine and my partners.
  • We have four zones: my study, my partner's study, a shared bedroom and a shared living space.
  • When I am away from home, my study should be set to away
  • When my partner is away from home, their study should be set to away
  • When we are both away from home, all zones should be set to away
  • When I am at home, my study and shared areas should be set to home
  • When my partner is at home, their study and shared areas should be set to home

This means we no longer heat areas of the home that the system will know are not in use because at least one actor is away. I have been able to set this type of behaviour up using homekit, as homekit can switch off the relevant radiator thermostat but this means we work in manual mode rather than using the power of the tado system.

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  • Wow. And it seems like it could be done by simply creating a relationship between device and zone.

  • I have recently installed tado and desperately want this feature, mainly for my children returning from school and I don't need all rooms to be heated, also we sometimes work from home and again don't need all rooms heated
    I also noticed that the app didn't recognize that we were all out of the house and the heating is staying on