Lost the case screw at the bottom

I lost the tiny case screw from under the Tado. Anyone know how to get a replacement? Or what size it is?

it’s not essential, but it’s annoying that it disappeared!


  • @RedGreen76 did you ever find the size of the little screw? I've just lost one too.

  • Hi there

    sadly not.

    what I know is I bought a new one for my new house and they don’t have a screw. So I think it’s unnecessary!

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    Is this about the Smart Thermostat?

    Early ones (by memory; late 2018 and before) had a screw, newer ones don't. The screw hole of the back plate has been replaced by a little bulge that fits in the screw hole of even the older thermostat, which allows it to click in place.

    The older ones don't click in place, but it's not super essential. If however your thermostat is wired and you've lost the screw, do make sure you mount the thermostat properly on the back plate. The thermostat should touch the pins of the backplate to make a decent connection.