Is smartthings support planned?

I've been using tado radiator valves for about six months now and im not really impressed and im thinking to switch to danfoss ally. Mainly because it offers smartthings support right out of the box. Give me a reason for not making the switch.


  • It kind of is. You have to manually paste the code through the web interface but once done works fine. I use it with actiontiles through smartthings.

  • yes I'm trying this one out but its kinda limited - eg you can't set current room temp, go back to a schedule or set window open.

    Only thing I can do is turn of the heater and set a temperature.

    Would be nice if we could set the other things so we could use smartthings temp and windows sensors directly.

    Shouldn't be that hard for Tado to open the API.

  • I'm a little confused from following links people have been complaining about lack of smart things connectivity for over 3 years yet the link I followed does not seem to be an official tado integration?