Can't alter my settings via the app.

Hi all - I hope someone can help me. My wife and I both have the tado app on our identical android phones. We both noticed that, approximately a week ago, we could no longer connect to the controller to change our settings. We get the yellow 'loading screen' and then, after a few minutes, we get a message saying 'Error; Connecting to the server has failed. Please check your internet connection.'

I know my phone is still connected to the internet as I can access other web pages without problems. I tried connecting to my tado with my laptop and found that I can successfully connect and have full control - so it doesn't look like there's any problem with my hardware, my internet connection or my phone.

Is there a problem with the tado app on android? I even tried re-installing it on my phone and it is still not having any of it. It's still giving me the 'Error; Connecting to the server has failed.' message.

Any clues?

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