Ability to move All Off/Boost buttons

Can you please make those two new buttons moveable? I would seldom use them, and they are prominent, and easily activated by accident. Thanks
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  • I agree @pjb904 . When Tado first asked for feedback on these manual options I requested whether the buttons could be hidden and @Jurian from Tado responded:

    "What about we keep it at the top, but we have a button to fold these quick actions out of sight ? This was one of the ideas we had for the next improvement. Would that also work?"

    I responded that it would work for me but it doesn't seem to have been taken forward which is a shame.

  • Jane78

    I absolutely agree: these two new buttons are far too prominent, especially, for example on an older iPhone SE. Before I could see all six of my main rooms at a glance. Now all I can see are these two buttons at the top. It is highly annoying. Please might it be possible to enable their disappearance?

  • Agree, ability to move these icons would be useful. For me boost is useless without the ability to target certain rooms or just actively heating rooms - key feature of zonal heating
  • Agree with this feature request. The tile view is a great design paradigm but with TRVs in the mix it quickly becomes less usable. I love that you’ve introduced this feature. The UX side of the main screen does need some work in the real world though.

    Please also see the request to create zones and group TRVs together. These two things together would make the UX much more, well, usable!