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Allow users to group together TRVs in different rooms



The fact that we can use IFTTT, Google Home , and some homeassistant features to do this tells me it cant be that difficult.

Most houses in the UK have 2 floors - upstairs and downstairs.

Most of us want to heat only the upstairs at night when we are going to be there, and the downstairs in the day.

Currently I have TRVs on all my radiators (8) so if I want to make upstairs hotter I need to click on 4 different tiles in the app and set a temp/time - this is really difficult and quite frankly a pain in the butt.

It is surely not that difficult to allow us to just send a command 'set upstairs to 22 degrees for 2 hours' via your app and it really isnt right to be leaving this to third party developers as it really cant be that difficult to do.

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  • Hi Tado team,

    I agree with Q that this would be a great feature. I have a paid subscription as I want Tado to be able to invest in constant development and a subscription is the best way for us as a community to contribute to that. Let’s not think of it as a tax or overhead. We’re asking a lot if we expect constant software updates for a one off payment for the kit itself. By subscribing we’re supporting making Tado better.

    For me, this idea of zoning is a really important real world usability point and a logical extension of the TRVs and a valuable selling point “zone your heating without pulling up floors and changing pipework”.
    It’s not hard to do either, the question is how to implement it from a UX perspective which could be tricky to use if not done with how people use this in mind. I’d be more than happy to and provide feedback in one of the sprint playbacks or even help you with input to bubble this up into a sprint backlog.