Make Quick Actions more specific

I like the idea of the Quick Actions although the boost action would be much better and more useful if it were to be applied only to the rooms that are actively heating in the schedule at the time the boost is applied. I don’t want to be boosting the whole house when I’m only using the lounge or downstairs.
Can this be added as an option: either ‘boost all or boost active’
As it is, I doubt I’ll use it as it will just be wasting energy.
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  • mackaycs
    I just need to boost the whole house but by a set amount of +1 degrees
  • byron2459

    Must be selective. We use a bedroom for guests - when needed, but the rest of the time it is deliberately kept around 10 degrees and is used as a store room. Having this occasionally boosted to 20+ is very bad for the wines and veg stored there. Yes, I can go to the app and controls for the store room and cancel the boost, but I may not know that it has been activated - as there are two people in our household.

    So, good idea, but no cigar. Please deal with the exceptions so that these can be set when first setting up the system.

  • Harvey90
    Definitely second this point, what would the need be to boost all rooms in the house at one point?! Should be a selection to boost only those rooms that are scheduled to heat.
  • mw1
    Really Like the global changes possible with boost and heating off but would be great if that appeared in individual rooms.

    Also choosing your own boost time/temp - say 1 hour @ 20 deg