Are 3 Zones possible???

I have just moved house where i had the extension kit wireless stat and x2 TRV's.

My current house has an upstairs controlled by a thermostat and downstairs on a separate circuit controlled by a thermostat, and also hot water on another circuit. Tado are telling me that 3 zones cant be controlled, but I have read that it can be by using hard wired stats and then connecting them to the one circuit in the extension kit. This would leave each stat to control the mechanical motor to activate heating to each zone. Is this the case?


  • I did an install for a friend using 2 zones and the hardwired stats but I had to phone Tado support to enable the relays in the thermostat to make it work. So, in theory what you want to do should be be easy unless there’s a software limitation at their end.

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