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Quick Key in App For Window Opening


After the great addition of the quick keys in the app for operating the heating system controller. it would be useful to have an extra button added to tell the system that a window is open and to auto shutdown the heating.

Although, this is automatic feature in the app, it does not always recognize that a window is open and tries to compete with fresh air coming in and boosts the heating wasting precocious energy.

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  • RugbyRef

    I understand that 'Auto Assist' is designed to shut the room down if a window is open? and i have it set up on my system. But, unfortunately, it doesn't recognize that the window are open and an override button would be useful.

  • If Tado devices do not recognise the temperature drop then it would suggest that the amount of heat being lost is not significant enough to warrant turning the heating off.

    One issue with the quick key is when there are multiple zones how does the app know which zone to switch off. There could be a sub-menu option, but that negates having a quick key.