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Adapter for Danfoss RA


If you want your Tado thermostat assembled well on a Danfoss RA valve, please do yourself a favor and buy at the same time an extra metal adapter (eg Heimeier type: 970224700 for appr €10,-). This is the best way to fixate the thermostat. Tado's plastic adapter is rubbish and the helpdesk is playing stupid instead of admitting their expensive product is delivered with an inferior adapter.

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  • sdspieg
    edited January 2023

    This is great advice. I've tried to get help from them for years now. To no avail. Can anybody explain who's behind this company? And why they clearly don't care about their customers? [They sent me 'new' adaptors a few times, but they're just as crappy and come off just as easily]. And to be honest - some of my radiators with different connectors work just fine, so there's nothing wrong with the product per se - just with those unacceptably flimsy platsic Danfoss RA adaptors. They must be raking it in now. This tarnishes their reputation. Why wouldn't they want to do something about this?