Away Zones - eg Work

Create ability to define zones where the app considers you as fully away from home and so turns off all heating.

Background: my office is relatively near home (<20 miles) and so when using the auto-assist functionality it thinks I’m constantly on my way home and pre-heats the house. In addition, my partner also lives relatively near-by (again <20 miles) and when I stay at hers it thinks I’m on my way home and pre-heats the home unnecessarily.
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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @MartinLB It's not something I use at all but have you tried altering the home area size?

  • Thanks - yes and no. My issue is that I’m too close to home so Tado “preheats” the house all the time.

    The “solution” is that I’ve had to turn off preheat for all my rooms and increase my home area size to 2km (default is 400m). Note, I may actually look to increase that further to 10km as the house isn’t really reheated in time for my arrival.