Please use 0.5 degrees granularity in the wireless temperature sensor

Current granularity in the temperature sensor is 0.1 degrees in the app and only 1 degree in the device. That makes it annoyinhg, because the most standard granularity in all themorstats in 0.5

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  • @cbatis I was informed that when it comes to relay connection, the heating will actually trigger only when the temperature difference is at least 0.5*C

    This feature therefore is useless to me and creates only hassle and confusion when the app shows 'heating to xxx' but it actually does not heat since the difference is too small...

  • @rafm5 So i am actually talking for the purelly wireless temperature sensor which connects to the radiator valves directly.

    The problem you are experiencing is indeed annoying, but I do not see how the feature i am suggesting will create extra hassle to you, except from the fact that you will have to click 2 times to jump one degree.

    Currently if you want to have 20.5, you can do it only from app.
  • @cbatis I actually agree for the change!

    My comment is about Tado° ecosystem allowing you to go by 0.1° C, but because heating will actually trigger only when the temperature difference is at least 0.5° I see no point of it.

    Sorry, I was not clear enough.

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    I noticed in my app this morning, that I can now only change my smart thermostat in 0.5 degree increments, and not 0.1 as previously.

    So looks like they've snuck this out in an update, at least for the app.
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Hey @cbd20
    I have just checked my App and have found exactly the same thing.
    My SRT's are still 1 degree increments
    But my Wireless Temperate Sensor and my Wireless Thermostat has changed from 0.1 degree increments to 0.5 degree increments.
    I would like an explanation from Tado behind this reduction in flexibility.....I have to say that I am really not impressed with this. I suspect that Tado have tried to carry out an improvement on the granularity of incremental change available to the Tado devices......but it appears to me that Tado have COCKED IT UP.
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭

    An UPDATE on my earlier post.........I have the Tado App on 2 different Android devices. My phone had auto updated the Tado App to 6.6.5 and this now has the "degraded" change to the Temperature adjustment of 0.5 degrees . However my other device (tablet) has not yet carried out the auto I have switched off the auto update feature within my Google Playstore. This device is still operating with 0.1 degree increments.

    So my concern is this ........have the Tado devices in question ( WST & WTS ) ever really been operational in 0.1 degree increments or have they simply been "rounding up or down" to the nearest 0.5 degrees [I won't give my opinion here].

    Either way.......why has Tado done this ??

    It's definitely not a device Firmware update.....but it is definitely an App update........however this is NOT indicated in the App update information. I finf this attitude towards the Tado Customer base as despicable,

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Has anyone else noticed this "downgrade" in their App
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 Yep - just noticed mine - Android.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Hey @samd....just wondered....are you an App Beta tester..... I am
    I've raised this issue with with Tado Support...awaiting their response.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 Yep I am Beta tester - does that make a difference?

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @GrayDav4276 I should point out I am not a beta tester, and I have the 0.5 degree update.
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited May 26
    @cbd20. Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was just a Beta "trial run" or a full App update. Your comment indicates that it is a full upgrade. Which raises the question about the Beta tester operation.
    I'm a Beta App tester, but I only got this issue with the latest Android App update.
    My other Android device (tablet) [I managed to block the App update] is still on 6.6.4 and still shows increments of 0.1 for example my phone will show 20.0 degrees and my tablet will show 20.4 gegrees.....but if I increase the temperature by 0.2 degrees to 20.6 then my pnone will now show 21 degrees.
    Also if I ask Alexa for a room replies as 20.6 therefore the actual temperature sensor is still providing readings in 0.1 degree increments.
    My concern is that these devices (not the radiator devices) don't actually operate the relevant allocated SRT's in 0.1 degree increments....or if they ever have, and we've been misled by Tado all the time.
    Does anyone else have any ideas on what and why Tado has done this ?? 🤔
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    I wonder if you both can confirm also that:

    1. Where a TRV is controlled by a wireless wall stat, the set to is available in 0.5 increments but the actual is in 0.1
    2. Where a TRV is controlled by the wired boiler controlling wall stat, the set to is in degrees yet the actual is in 0.1
    3. Stand alone TRVs are degrees for both types


  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited May 26

    Hi @samd

    I can clarify a couple of points.......but I need to point out that I do not have any Wired Thermostats or Sensors.......I have the following Tado devices :

    A) Exrension Kit & Bridge

    B) Numerous SRT's

    C) 1 x Wireless Smart Thermostat

    D) 1 x Wireless Temperature Sensor

    The latest Android App update (6.6.5) has resulted in changes to the incremental change to the WST & WTS devices [as seen in the App] "new" changes to the SRT incremental changes [as seen in the App] ..........previously the SRT's were already "set up" as 1 degree (manual) incremental change, but the WST & WTS were "set up" to control the SRT's with 0.1 degree incremental changes. However following the Android App update the WST & WTS incremental change had changed from 0.1 degrees to 0.5 degrees.

    Because I "blocked" the Android App update on my tablet.......the tablet (Tado App) still shows and apparently allows incremental changes of 0.1 degrees.......This leads me to conclude that the App is only purely acting as a "User Interface Display" and not actually "controlling" the settings of the appropriate "attached" device (SRT).

    I am now beginning to suspect that Tado does not actually work on small incremental changes and are actually only able to react to 0.5 degrees (at the very best) or indeed a full 1 degree.......this could possibly explain why so many people have complained that their devices are continuing to "Heat to" after the " Set to" temperature has been exceeded. This may also explain why many devices show as "overshooting" a set temperature (as seen in the graphs).

    I am very disappointed that Tado has updated the Android App without firstly applying it via the App Beta version (otherwise....what is the App Beta version for) and secondly.....why does Tado think that an operational downgrade is acceptable to its customer user base. And thirdly, my concern is that Tado "may" have been telling its users that the Tado system actually operates to the levels of granularity that the system is not capable of achieving..........but customers think it does.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @GrayDav4276 I am certainly leaning towards your comments in para 3 above and agree entirely with your 4th para. Did they think we would not notice!!

  • rafm5
    edited May 26

    Technical team had confirmed to me  that the heating will actually trigger only when the temperature difference is at least 0.5°C  …and that’s fine as firing a boiler for every 0.1°C change is not best option.

    If this is compromise between system performance vs boiler life, Tado° should at least work on a software unification for each device and operating system.

    iOS app – 0.1°C accuracy (display & change | app ver. 6.6.3)

    Wired thermostat – 1°C accuracy (change) and 0.1°C (display)

    WebApp - 0.1°C accuracy (display & change)

    Siri – 1°C (voice commands | iOS 14.7)

    Home app - 0.5°C accuracy (display & change | iOS 14.7)

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