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Oil Tank level monitor

Would it be possible to develop a Tado compatible heating oil tank level monitor?
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  • Dme
    edited November 2021
    Yeah simple oil usage tractor e.g. tank level 500 litres entered. 6 months later if same entered then you guys can work out amount consumed from that can work estimated tank refill date. Really would help know actual savings
  • Smart oil tank monitors are few and far between. Having a TADO device to measure oil consumption that can be correlated to heating / hot water would make it stand out. There are 1 million oil homes in the UK

  • This would be amazing! No brainer.
  • Oh yeah ! It's very hard to find anything to do this from any source, I would be very interested.

  • Agreed I have a “Watchman” (most common form of) wireless level sensor - if Tado could display the signal from this?

  • +1 this is something I definitely want

  • Tado is already capturing boiler run times. If allowed users to enter Oil boiler specific variables such as jet size with a bit of work perhaps through a beta programme this would have the ability to provide far better accuracy than the current selection of oil tank monitors which are rudimentary. If they want beta trial volunteers I'd be happy. I have used oil tank monitor in the past. I now used an Oil tank strapping table with periodic dip stick measures which I log in a spreadsheet which gives me usage rates and predictions of when I need to refill. A live feed would be a major step forward.