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It will be very helpful to download sensor data to develop an understanding of the heating patterns in my house. The product is fantastic, and this feature would enhance the product tremendously. I had Beurer temperature and humidity sensors in each room in my previous house. After comparison, I was able to regulate the temperature in my previous house to 20 degrees in winter and 21 degrees in summer and made small adjustments to the heating in each room to balance the temperature. I could do this because I could generate a comparative study of the data from each sensor. The alternative is to install Beurer to gather with tado. This does not make sense. Consider the download data functionality so users can learn the behaviour or their heating system. But don’t stop there, also include the weather pattern for that day. Your system is already integrated with a weather service. Sun through the window makes a big difference to temperature. This helps with understanding room differences.
Thanks Nico
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  • rafm5
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    @NicoStrydom Considering that to access Heating Activity you need to buy a subscription, I am not sure whether Tado° is going to make the data available and for free :-)