Tado V2 Geofencing

Hi, I am long term user of Tado V2. I have noticed in recent energy saving reports that the geofencing / away mode hours has dropped significantly (as have the savings reported).
Is there any reason for this?
Has anything altered with the app I'm using (v5.6.2) since Tado introduced the subscription service?
Both my wife and I work away a lot so automatic/ geofencing control of the heating is very important. I have seen the uproar on various sites now subscription is here, but cannot find absolute confirmation online or through Tado help that the app for V2 (geofencing) is unchanged.
Can anyone confirm please. Thanks.


  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello Kingy,

    There's no change or difference in how Geofencing works, no matter if you have V3 or V3+ app. The only difference for new users with V3+ that won't use Auto-Assist would be that these changes Home/Away don't happen automatically, but upon the user's request.

    The Energy Savings Report just tracks how long has each feature been actively used. If you feel that this was not accurate, it is worth that our support take a look at it. Please, contact our support with the details: