Wireless Link to Baxi Opentherm Combi-boiler (UK)


I'm about to have a new Baxi (836) combi-boiler fitted. Due to the proposed location I won't be able to use any existing thermostat wiring and so I'm planning to use a wireless connection between the boiler and the smart thermostat. The boiler provides Openterm connectivity which, after a bit of research to understand its benefits, I certainly want to use.

I'm interested in a system that will allow multi-room control so the two systems that I'm looking at are the Honeywell Evohome & the Tado. I'm favouring the Tado but growing concerned if it can actually provide full Opentherm support or simple On - Off switching.

In particular I've seen this post which seems to imply that the Tado system does not support Opentherm:

Open Term vs Relay Connection to Boiler — tado° Community

To add to my confusion there seems to be a great deal of discussion around the wireless unit / expansion unit. Are they actually one and the same unit?

There also seem to be two versions of the wireless unit: with & without hot water control. I'm assuming that, for a combi-boiler I should be looking at the one without hot water control?

Thanks in advance for any help in understanding if, indeed, it is possible to fully setup Opentherm wirelessly on a UK combi-boiler with a Tado smart controller.