Free upgrade to V3+ App

I’ve noticed Tado is now offering free upgrade for existing users until 31 August 2019

Has anyone done it? Will I lose any of the existing features? I seem to remember that manual control ‘until next automatic change’ wasn’t available in V3+ but only in V3


  • jelockwood
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    UPDATE: There might be a free upgrade option available to owners of a v1 or v2 Smart AC Controller, but not for owners of other Tado products who have to pay the £19.99/€19.99 upgrade.

    I have seen no indication of a free upgrade to the v3+. There is a one-off upgrade cost or there is the monthly subscription cost. The one-off upgrade cost offer ends in August as you state. See -

    If you have details of a completely free option please provide a link.

    I have to say the differences - if any between the one-off upgrade and the subscription are not being made clear.

    The nearest thing to an answer is here

    with a table listing the differences between whether you have auto-assist or not. Auto-assist is included in the one-off upgrade and of course the subscription.

    It seems but is not absolutely clear that the v3+ app without auto-assist still includes Air Comfort and Boiler Assist.

    So as far as I can tell the main differences i.e. what Auto-assist gives you is fully automatic open window detection and fully automatic geofencing.

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    Thanks; I do have a Tado AC V2; the upgrade went well and it does not seem I have to pay for any subscription
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    So wish I had bought the cheaper V2 (or a hive/nest) kit instead of the more expensive V3+ kit, then expected to pay a subscription to obtain FREE services which you get on the V2 or pay a 1 off fee of £20 to have them indefinitely, or like above for free.