Smart AC & Smart Thermostat/Radiator integration



I am using Thermostat and Smart Radiator since my house has central heating, but for cooling reasons I need to install two AC's LG Split, more to cool than heating because I already have a central heating system.

I am thinking of adding Smart AC Control to my Tado System so that I can integrate everyone on the same platform control, but I found that the two devices are in the Tado application, but do not interact with each other.

I think it can be useful for the winter using both appliances (AC or Central Heating), but if the Tado System can take both into account and do an analysis of what can be cheaper to use or what can acclimatize the environment faster , etc.

In my opion it could be a improvement in resources managent. 



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  • flimzy

    I was quite unpleasantly shocked to discover that I cannot even use the Tado Temperature Sensor with a Tado Smart AC Controller. This completely defeats the purpose of using Tado to control my AC unit.

  • robjampar

    Yeah, it would be really great to handle an AC unit in the same room as other heating devices.

    I have Tado TRVs everywhere and have tested with 1 Smart AC Controller and they don't integrate together at all, I would order at least 4 more if they even just had basic integration.

  • Hupie
    I was just shocked this isn’t an option. Please tado prioritize this feature to integrate smart radiators, smart a/c control and smart thermostat in one room!!
  • edmoore

    Was just about to order three of the Smart AC controls on the assumption that it MUST integrate in the way you describe and am very surprised to hear it does not. I thought it would replace my existing wireless thermostat with the added benefit of being able to turn the AC on and off to meet the desired set point. And obviously making sure that if the AC is demanded, it shuts off the boiler heating demand!

    Not sure what the point of this product is without basic 'smart' features. It's essentially just an infrared repeater.