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Increased Aircon Functionality


1) My Aircon has boost and eco on the remote. Could these be added to Tado app please?

2) Auto on my remote alows +/-6c around 24c. The Tado app does not allow temp setting in this way in Auto mode.

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  • Adding to that, my aircon/heatpump has boost and eco modes, but also stream mode (it's a Daikin).

    At this moment I have to manually select these options in the Daikin app everytime the schedule changes (which is annoying), it would be nice if these options would be available in the schedule. Which is possible as they are options available on the remote.

    What would be even more cool is the option to silence the outside unit for the night in the schedule, an option that is not available in the Daikin app (for my model), but is available on the remote, so technically should be controllable by Tado :-)