[Released] 0.5° Temperature step for SRTs

T3Nembo | Moderator

tado° is excited to present our 0.5°C temperature “Step size” changes for our Smart Radiator Thermostats.

Many of you who appreciate our products have asked for a 0.5°C temperature change feature and we are glad to introduce the 0.5°temperature granularity and reiterate our commitment to your satisfaction.

You can now set the temperature to increments of 0.5°C instead of increments of 1.

This applies:

  • In the Manual Control as you slide up and down.
  • In the Smart Schedule when you set the temperature on a Block.
  • In the Away Configuration - Away temperature.


  • rafm5
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    edited June 2021

    @T3Nembo Will you be changing 'display accuracy' settings to make things consistent?

    iOS app – 0.1° accuracy (display) and 0.5°C accuracy (change) | ver. 6.8 beta

    Wired thermostat – 0.1°C accuracy (display) and 1°C accuracy (change) | ver. 85.1

    WebApp - 0.1°C accuracy (display) and 0.5°C accuracy (change) | ver.

    Home app - 0.5°C accuracy (display & change) | ver. iOS 14.7

    Siri – 1°C accuracy (voice commands) | ver. iOS 14.7

  • @tado Hi. Am I right to say you have removed the 0.1 degree measures on the android app when you manually change temperature? So even though the smart schedule has 0.1, the manual setting is 0.5? Am I missing something here?
  • GrayDav4276
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    You aren't missing anything.....because it appears (to me) that Tado have carried out a change without realising that this change needs to be applied to other areas within the operating system......perhaps with enough users pointing these issues out to Tado.....then maybe they will sort it out.
    It looks like Tado are addressing a specific task without the person(s) actually being aware of how certain operations interact with other areas of the system. This seems to be very unprofessional.
  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello all,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Aligning the manual control for all the rooms to apply the settings of 0.5 or full degrees have been intentionally planned as a response to the requests from our user base to make the slider easier to set in these values which are most commonly preferred for sporadic manual commands.

    Rooms equiped with Smart Thermostat and Wireless Temperature Sensor can still be scheduled to apply temperatures to the 0.1º from the Smart Schedule.

    Best regards,


  • hugbilly
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    I'm pleased to learn of the .5 degree increment that's been introduced, however I can only access it on the smart schedule, not the slider. I am using the 6.8.1 version of the app.

  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    Ah my mistake, it does work but only above 15º . . .

  • Hi
    I have to admit that I am a bit bewildered. Because the UI was difficult, you have removed the functionality and the granular control I used have? So now, I have to up the temperature in 0.5 degree increments rather than being able to up it in 0.1? I really don't see that as a positive? If the slider was an issue why didn't you you redesign it to have 2 wheels after you clicked on it - one wheel for the whole number temperature and one wheel for the tenth of a degree temperature and thus it would have been very easy to satisfy everyone's needs?
  • Hi,

    Since updating to the new app version on my Samsung note 4 the room settings are no longer accessible. I have had no problems before on this phone . Has anybody had a similar problem?

  • @pws8001
    Do you mean the smart schedule? It is linked to behind a little calendar icon at the top right after you click on the room? If you mean some other settings you might provide specifics?
  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin
  • I am quite displeased that I have lost the ability to use 0.1C increments because the slider was deemed "too difficult to use".