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Hi all,

I am a happy tado user since a few months and realized that we needed to install a by-pass in our cv system.

Now I am wondering why tado does not offer the feature to mark one of your smart thermostats as the by-pass radiator. So this thermostat will never close fully, so that the pump of the CV (boiler) is protected from any damage.

What is your view on this?
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  • Bijtschildpad
    edited October 2021
    I think it is absurd that this isnt a feature. Its also suoer easy to implement. If "heater off" then set timer 1 to 90 seconds. If timer 1 expires then turn off all valves.

    This is litterally all the logic you need to add this feature. Simple turn off relevant valves with a small delay and a bypass is no longer needed, even better: because of the delay the system will better distribute the leftover heat generated before the heater was turned off.

    But no tado is so uber smart it needs a ancient device like a bypass to work properly. Goddamn man i cant even...

    So tado here is the deal. Add this super basic functionality to the app and i will subsribe to your service for 2 years.

    Ah, i just found out why tado doesnt offer such a service. Tados 80 euro costing knobs apprently have such crappy encoders on them that tado cannot guarantee proper functionality. So: sometimes the system will malfunction and require recalibration and will cause damage when happening at the wrong time. I guess tado doesnt want liability claims and refuses to implement such a feature. Such a shame. And now im stuck to this fucktard ecosystem.