Thermostat heads not calibrated correctly?

The actual temperature in the room is lower than the thermostat heads measure. At the measured temperature of 25 degrees it is cold in the room. Another meter shows a temperature of 21 degrees. 

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    thank you for your reply.

    I realize by contrast that the problem is Tado.

    When the heater has been cold for a few hours and I want to turn on the heating it does not turn on because instead of 19-20 degrees it feels 23-24.


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    Can I suggest that you read the many, many other posts that have discussed this exact Tado sensor peculiarity.
  • If the search engine were more accurate I wouldn't ask this question. 

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    could you show me an example?

  • Sorry @loann just do a general look through the previous posts.
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    what I can't find in the first instance means it doesn't exist.

    If this topic was answered I think it would be someone with a big heart to give me the answer. But the answer is that the product is not quality. A thermostat head from Lidl was much more reliable. I could rely on its accuracy. I couldn't make programs but the temperature knew how to manage it.

  • The issue is that the SRT is located right next to the radiator, so the temperature sensors will pick up the temperature close to the heat source. Most thermostatic valves will have this problem to some extent; it's not just a question of quality.

    There are adjustments within the system for the fact that the room temperature is going to be lower than the air around the radiator, but as previous posts have explained this can still create a difference.

    There is an offset function built in to the app, where you can offset the SRT temperature - up or down - to reflect more closely the actual room temperature. This is not ideal, but is of some use.

    There is no simple answer, other than having a separate wireless thermostat located somewhere else in the room, and using that as the controller.

    Other options that do work (for me at least) include setting the "on" temperature at a lower level for the first hour, then increasing it by 1C - 2C. There is less of a sudden spike in heat and the room temperature overall is closer to that which you set on the SRT.

    Bear in mind all heating systems and rooms are different, so some heat up faster than others. A radiator will naturally heat up much faster than the room it is in; heat convection takes time to spread through a room.

    Tado cannot compensate for every single possibility. Through some trial and error with temperatures, I have been able to have rooms heated close to the temperature I have set, even on the coldest winter days.

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