Wireless Receiver supporting more heating Relays (multi zone)

I have a Wavin ahc 9000 controlling my underfloor heating system. As I understand it I can use the wireless receiver to control one channel of the wavin ahc 9000. All the other channels need to have wired connections to the tado smart thermostats. But in my case I have everything wireless, so I can only control 1 rooms floor heating using tado.

Suggestion: Make the wireless receiver support multible (fx. 6-8) connections to a central heating controller like the wavin ahc 9000. This would make all those old underfloor heating systems part of the tado smart heating solutions ;).

Looking forward in getting this addon for tado.

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  • I changed the title a bit to allow this request to be found more easily.

  • I think this is needed - for myself I need two wireless stats and receivers.

    So either support two wireless stats to one receiver or allow two receivers per house.
  • Skippy
    edited September 2021
    I will add as I have a granny flat in my house it would be good to have this as a zone within the main system.
    This when a registered user on my account that resides in that zone leaves a geoefence turns off that zone and the thermostat it has within.
    Smarthings would do it but the only way I can see is to use set up home.assitant on a rasbery pi and integrate tado that way.
  • This is a must have feature
  • For me, I’d be happy if I could just have more than one wireless receiver or extension kit in per home.