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Hi all!

Anyone been successful in setting up the Tado devices on Home Assistant locally? No reliance on cloud?

If so, please share how you did!



  • To setup local control with Home Assistant you can use the Homekit controller integration:


    Since you are controlling Tado locally now you will lose the smart schedule functionality. You have a few options.

    1 - Create automations in HA.

    2 - Use a scheduler integration, like this one: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/scheduler-card-custom-component/217458

    3 - Control Tado with hass-apps Schedy (bit of work to set up but definitely the most flexible): https://hass-apps.readthedocs.io/en/stable/apps/schedy/index.html

    Yo will have to install and configure Appdaemon in order to use Schedy:


  • Hi @bashworth81 ,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Implemented all this.

    I'm having this weird issue when i block the Tado devices connecting to the internet, sometimes they don't respond, and sometimes they do. Sometimes they can take up to 30 seconds to resolve/respond in HA. When i allow them access the internet, they respond instantly.

    Any clues? (Using through Homekit Controller)

  • That does seem a bit sluggish, how are you blocking the devices from accessing the internet? Maybe it'd be worth testing by disabling your internet connection instead.

    Make sure to remove the tado integration from HA and that the homekit section in the tado app is empty in case you paired it before (Press and hold the factory reset button on the backside of the Internet Bridge for at least 10 seconds until all LEDs on it start flashing).