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ziki ✭✭


  • ziki
    ziki ✭✭

    If the notifications arrive when I'm on vacation for 2 weeks?!!!! A safety algorithm is MANDATORY for this kind of devices!

  • Germán
    Germán | Admin
    edited June 2019

    Hello ziki,

    Once a technical question has been answered we close the discussion. If you have any different question you can always open a new thread.

    In your specific question, you stated that you didn't pay attention to the notification because you were in the unsustained belief of these notifications being a bug, we clarified that they can't be and recommended you to always change the batteries as soon as you receive the notification.

    There's no safety concern in this matter, once the boiler receives only hot water in the return flow, or it notices that it can't pump because all radiators are closed, the boiler will turn OFF automatically.

    If you have any derivate issue about your specific case and it may require further investigation from the technical point of view, please contact our support, as we are not to attend specific support cases on the Community forum, but to provide information.

    Edit: We had originally closed the discussion as we normally do, but for the sake of participation will reopen it. However, please bear in mind that if you have an specific issue we need you to contact our support, as continuing the conversation in the forum will not necessarily reach us and definitely not in a timely manner.