Use extension kit as timber switch for electric u/floor heating?

I have a bathroom that will have a central heating towel radiator (wet) to provide space heating and electric underfloor heating to take chill off tiles/dry off wet room areas.

Can I use the Tado extension kit's hot water timer function to instead switch (via separate relay?) the electric u/floor heating? An independent in-line floor probe thermostat will control floor temperature, so I only need Tado to switch supply on/off to my preferred schedule. I don't want air temperature to influence whether or not floor heating comes on, hence not wanting to use a normal Tado thermostat.

Many thanks.


  • Germán
    Germán | Admin
    edited June 2019


    No, the Extension Kit Hot Water relay can be used exclusively as hot water control. Our products won't be suitable for this system as we are not compatible to control any underfloor system that uses external sensors (eg. underfloor probe).