Improvement to the Humidity Messages in the Air Comfort Section


Over the last few months I've noticed a lot of messages in the Air Comfort Section making suggestions about how I can improve the humidity levels in the majority of rooms. Unfortunately the messages have been misleading due to the high natural levels of humidity in the air.

I suggest that the algorithms could use humidity data from the weather feed to make these messages more helpful. For example if the external humidity is at 70% it would make sense to not report 73% humidity in a room as a problem - especially when the heating has not been running.

I'm not exactly sure how the relationship between external and internal humidity should be assessed but in almost every case the difference seen in my home is only a few percentage points.

It's also worth noting that this problem is made worse during the summer when the heating is not used.

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  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Hi @Gawain,
    I fully understand what you said.......but I don't think that our Tado systems actually "use" the humidity readings from our devices, or indeed use the "local" humidity readings from our "localised" weather agencies. I personally think that there is no actual "Weather Adaptation" algorithm employed by Tado......imho it's no more than a Tado sales gimmick, as I can see no proof whatsoever of my Tado system adapting or changing dependant on the "localised" weather conditions. It's no more than "smoke & mirrors".

    As I said....this is my own personal opinion.
  • Gawain

    Hi @GrayDav4276 ,

    I sort of agree. However, Tado uses the humidity readings but simply doesn't apply any logic to what the humidity level means other than to assign "not good" to anything above a certain level without considering prevailing conditions - effectively making the advice frequently wrong to the point of being ignored, which in itself makes it the whole thing pointless.

    I have been wondering if Weather Adaptation for room temperature might simply be the thermostat staying shut when it gets warmer and opening up more when it's colder. You could say a natural by-product of a decent TRV.

    Also, when it's colder outside say down at 5 degrees, 22 degrees inside just does not feel as warm as it did when it was 15 degrees outside - if you get my drift. I've seen no evidence of Weather Adaptation taking this phenomenon into account. Tado seems to be conflicted between saving us money and managing a comfortable environment. However, the user could choose which way Tado should go - save money or manage the temperature.

    Again, just my observations and opinions.

  • GrayDav4276

    Hi @Gawain ,

    I agree with most of your observations.......however as a "born cynic", I must say that I've seen absolutely no proof that my Tado system is reacting to any Tado "Weather Adaptation" algorithm at all. Still believe it's purely a Tado sales gimmick.

    I feel that the tips/suggestions given via the "Confort Tile" is useless at best and condescending at worst.......if the App home page was "user configurable" I would definitely remove it from my U.I.home page. Also if the App was user configurable then we (customer/user) could set our own "comfort level" for our own wouldn't that be a good idea !!

  • jpirie

    Tado radiator valves definitelyread the humidity from the room air though! I've been using a dehumidifier in my hallway and the tado readings come down in line with the dehumidifier readings.

    As for the outside humidity, well that's a whole new ballgame. I was wondering how we can expect the inside humidity to be less than the outside since we ventilate with outside air?

    Confused :)