Terrible Support

Your e-mail/chat only support service with a promise to get back within 24 hours is rubbish. I have been a TADO user for years and have been happy until moving home and now cant use my new system. I am currently applying to my Credit Card company to have the £1500 I just spent returned. This is because my questions are not answered and you don't get back to me as requested and you clearly don't care that I am having terrible problems with my system!


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    I am not sticking up for tado°, but in these difficult times customer service teams are struggling everywhere. I am talking about people working remotely, limited teamwork, limited resource due to Covid-19 or even black Friday & cyber Monday sales increase.

    These can easily generate a backlog, so the standard SLA (service level agreement) can’t be met.

    So you are tado° customer for years and now applying for Chargeback or Section 75 because you are moving home? Then you say ‘just’ spent xxx amount on tado° but then you are ‘old customer’ these don’t work together.

    How did tado° create these terrible problems, did they force you to move? What if the new house configuration is not supported by tado° devices?

    To summarize, tado° may need to improve their service, but if we are talking about short-term hiccup the right solution is ‘ Don’t just do something. Stand there!’ People with Six Sigma skills will confirm that sometimes trying to resolve non-existing or minor issues will generate even more long-term problems.

    I am sure that there is a valid reason of the delay, not just because you ONLY spent £1.5k, but stop spamming the forum - there are 5 posts with same content created by you, already!

  • Well said @rafm5 I think you "nailed" it.

  • I suspect the issue the OP is having is that he's moved house and bought a new Tado set up for that property having left his old set up at the old property. He's now having issues and getting no support from Tado

    While I agree that COVID has caused issues, companies have had plenty of time to adapt and we all know that Tado's support quality has dropped off significantly as is evident from the numerous posts on here with complaints about response time and quality of response.

    Hopefully the OP has had a response now and got whatever issue they were having resolved