Increase Zone Controller Room Limit

Backstory: I have reached my limit for number of rooms connected to a single zone controller which currently stands at 10. Trouble is of course the typical UK household only has one thermostat, so when you switch to tado it's only possible to wire in one main controller. For a medium size house (or bigger) there is enough separate rooms to take it over 10 easily (when you count bedrooms, hallway, ensuites, bathrooms, study, dining room etc). Which means I now have rooms that cannot call for heat unless another room that is connected is also. The limit needs increasing.
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  • Yes - this is a must. I have 16 valves across 14 rooms all within range of the bridge. Four of the rooms don't call for heat so I have had to group en-suites and bedrooms together - I'm now heating rooms that don't need to be heated.

    I moved from Hive because Tado 'appeared' to be much better. Bit of a backwards step!

    I'm amazed that this only has seven upvotes, particularly with the amount of threads that request it!

  • I wonder if there is a limit of say 10 upvotes, and upvoting topic 11 would just un-upvote some other topic. Probably doesn't matter too much, as current product seems to be in maintenance mode, so we can't actually 'call for heat' but are all just in 'independent mode' ;)