Wolf FGB and/or BM-2

Hi anyone has experience with wolf FGB-K(28) boiler ?

I have installed tado with extension kit 2 days ago. I wonder how can I setup water flow temperature?

Also any experience with BM-2, when only one heating circuit available.?

Would it work together?

Which one is better using ebus or simple relay mode and let's BM-2 controll the flow themberature?



  • New experience: Tado sometimes runs the boiler on 11% however the boilers sohows OFF on its display. Somitimes to rise the temperature from 21.5 to 22.5 runs the boiler on 95%. Well I'm affraid this eBUS proticol is a fake , I do not this is is approved from Wolf, iI hope it will not kill my boiler.... I give it a few days more after that I will remove.