Home Screen - Flag/highlight rooms currently on manual override


It would very useful to see on the Home Screen which rooms, if any, have been set manually using the app or, more likely, a radiator control (I.e. and, therefore, are not following the schedule).

On too many occasions, I’ve discovered a family member or visitor has adjusted a radiator control, which has defaulted to ‘until you cancel’. The result being the heating has been on permanently for a few days (until I notice something’s not right)! Had the Home Screen alerted me to the schedule having been overridden, I could have acted sooner.

Perhaps the manual setting indication could be a colour fill for the room tile, or a tile border highlight, or an icon?

I know one can set the duration of manual controls using a slider in the app. I’ve done this for all controls - setting to ‘until next time block’. But, for some reason, some radiator controls seem to revert to ‘until you cancel’. Maybe that’s a separate issue?

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  • GrayDav4276

    Hi @StephenTrooper

    If you go into "Rooms & Devices" then select the room.....at the top is the selector for "manual adjustment duration" where you can set it to a specific time.......because I use Alexa to adjust my room temperatures, I have it set to 45 mins......which means that once a Room/device has been "manually" adjusted your system will revert back to your schedule settings after the timescale that you have set in "Rooms & Devices.

    This therefore nullifies the need for any "extra" visual indication in the App