App “Advance” button

I have a suggestion for the tado app. On my old boiler time controller I had an "Advance" button that advanced the settings to the next time period and then reverted back to the normal schedule once the next time period finished.

On the tado app to bring on the heating earlier than scheduled, I think I have to go into every room and do a manual override of the temperature setting , and then remember to "Resume Schedule All Rooms" to revert. If I use the 'Turn OFF All Rooms" I have to manually press the "Resume Schedule All Rooms" to reactivate the time schedule rather than it returning to scheduled at the end of the next time period.

Can I suggest an "Advance Schedule All Rooms" button? If you need screen space on the app, it could replace the Boost Rooms button, which I have never used and is probably the least used.
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