Smart Assistant - notifying of temperature not raising as expected

It's more a feature improvement than an actual problem: I've started heating season last week and left the home for few days. The smart valves have been open all the time but temperature was not growing due to malfunction of the heating circulation pump. I've fixed it (it got blocked after summer season not being used) - but the improvement might be for smart assistance: observing that the temperatures on heaters set are not rising and pushing a notification on potential malfunction of the heating system (either heater, pumps, or valve operation). The heater I'm using is not controllable or smart enabled in any way, except for thermostat ac control, but a simple check (we're heating and it's not growing) shall raise a notification.
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  • Spateson
    Yes! This would be so good. I have a combi boiler that occasionally looses pressure in the system which means it needs topping up in order to work again. It reaches low pressure silently though so it’s always first thing in the morning when I jump into a freezing shower I realise it’s stopped working! It’s so obvious when looking at Tado graphs when this happens as you have hours of full heat yet the temperature continues to drop!

    When they introduced the care and protect “heating system incident” monitoring I assumed this is what this would be but alas no. I’d love a notification when the heat has been “on” full for say over 30 mins but there is no expected increase in temperature. That way I could top up the system when it happens and not freezing cold after because of a cold shower!
  • Seasorul

    I've got an issue with this too, in one room underfloor heating valve 100% open and no increase in termperature or humidity. Care & Protect "heating system incidents" doesn't raise any alarm.