Service Mode for Boiler Maintenance, Draining and Power Flushing



It would be important to have a Service Mode setting, where:

  • all radiator thermostat valves are fully open and in manual mode: can be individually set to fully open or fully closed
  • boiler control is set to off and in fully manual mode: on or off
  • any timers and automatic "return to schedule" are disabled

This is needed to allow heating system servicing, e.g., boiler service (partially covered by "boost"), draining the system and power flushing.

In comparison to a mechanical system, it is currently not really possible to perform these basic service functions, in particular, power flushing, in a controlled manner. It is not good enough that the radiator thermostats could be set to bogus temperatures, we need certainty about the status of the valve, as a wrong valve setting could damage the pipework.

The user interface could be very simple: a list of all control elements with simple options: open and shut (on or off for the boiler), as well as a confirmation of the actual state of the control element (i.e., "valve open" or "valve shut").

Activation of service mode should be confirmed by the user in a two-step process to avoid accidental activation.

When activated, all valves should open and the boiler turned off.

The app should return to this mode until normal function is not manually reinstated, even after it is closed/killed and restarted.

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  • GrayDav4276


    Already been requested by many users and "maybe" Tado will give it some consideration.

    However starting a new thread is a waste of time as it will never receive the votes of people who have already voted in other threads.......

  • mperedim

    @Thomas_ you can try setting all SRTs to independent (so that they don't call for heat), temperature 25C and offset -10C (so that they stay "open" even at 35C). It's not great but it does the trick.

    Bunch of us have asked for this, but it doesn't seem to have generated enough traction for Tado to consider it.

  • Thomas_

    Thanks @mperedim -- indeed the quickest is to remove all radiator thermostats, which corresponds to the "old way" of servicing using the return valve to open or close the individual radiators.

    The problem with any work around is that those are inherently not fail safe. It is not safe to assume that there cannot be 35C locally for some reason (e.g., the sun could shine on the thermostat), whilst I am power flushing and potentially burst the pipes...

    I guess tado are waiting for an accident to happen and the bad press. Seems to be the way things go with companies coming from the tech side, rather than the trade side, who don't understand the operational risks. At least we did our bit...