types of user, limits to app, maximum temperatures - increased efficiency and security



I have had a Tado system for years and would like to suggest the following app and thermostat features:

1) User levels in the app

  • Guest / User - geofencing only
  • Child - As guest + can use the app to manually adjust permitted thermostats within limits.
  • Member - As guest & child + can adjust schedules for permitted thermostats within limits.
  • Owner - As guest, child & member + they can administer the system, add & remove users, set maximums & limits, child locks and all settings

2) With these levels of user in place I'd then suggest the following features:

  • Maximum temperatures. Can be set for each thermostat, these can only be set by the Owner. Manual changes, or app changes by guests and members can only be up to the maximum.
  • Minimum temperatures. Can be set for each thermostat, these can only be set by the Owner. Manual changes, or app changes by guests and members can only down to the minimum.
  • Minimum and Maximum temps apply to scheduled changes as well.
  • Child & Member levels can be restricts to app changes to only specific thermostats / rooms (e.g. one child couldn't turn up the temperature in another child's room, a lodger couldn't adjust temperatures in the rest of the house, etc).
  • The link between users and rooms, for their control of thermostats, could then also be used for the geofencing of those rooms. You would need to be able to assign rooms to guest also, even though they can't control the temperature of those thermostats.

At the moment we have a choice of using geofencing and everyone in the system having full access to control everything (Schedules, all rooms, up to 25C, etc); or turning off geofencing and using child-lock to severely restrict the ability of others to adjust the system.

The suggested levels of granularity in security and the max and min temperatures on thermostats would hugely enhance the system and allow the home/system owner to control their energy consumption while still using geofencing and giving children, guests and lodgers some flexibility within a sensible range.

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  • Stacey21
    I am a new user to tado and I am really surprised that there isn't a child/ user level. I certainly hope that they plan to introduce a one. Geofencing could be really useful for the kids
  • I think this would be a very useful feature to be able to set max temp for manual control
  • luteijn
    Might as well ask for the ability to just give each user custom roles too, so the owner can delegate some privileges to their partner, or an older kid...
  • BoutTime
    It should be glaringly obvious to Tado that the functionality suggested above would be extremely useful to many households. I'd be happy for my kids to have access to their bedroom TRVs via the app. I'd also like to limit how high they can set them either manually or via the app.
  • GrayDav4276


    Please see my response to the other thread that you have commented on........my previous observation still applies.