Extend on/off period - temporary schedule change

I often want to make a temporary change to the schedule. It would be useful to make an adjustment just for the current state. If you could edit the time of the "next change" displayed on the room or hot water screen then this would be easy. The usual stored schedule would resume later.
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  • Rob

    Well, the app already gives you a few options for this.

    For a manual temperature change in the app it gives you an adjustable timer. It also allows you to select "Until next time block". See the screenshot. In the bottom there is the little pencil, where you can adjust how long the manual change remains active. To be clear, this option only pops up after you have changed the temp manually with the big slider in the middle.

    And then there's what happens to a manual change on the physical tado° device. In the app, go to Settings -> Rooms&Devices -> [name of room] -> Manual control on tado device