Temperature measuring device

For rooms where you have multiple devices such as two radiators with TRV’s or also a controller it would be great if you could select more than one device or allow Tado to use the average temperature across multiple devices in that room.

In my living room, I have two radiators. Selecting one as the primary measuring device is not great because one is in a cold area and the other is not. If it could calculate the average between the two then that would be much more accurate to the ambient temperature.
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  • eezytiger

    @realtek Is there any reason why you can't divide the room into two imaginary zones - e.g. Lounge North and Lounge South, or however you wish - and let the two SRTs operate independently to each satisfy its own temperature target?

    So, you can set both to 20C, for example, and they will each open and close to maintain 20C in their part of the room. Would this not be better than having them in one zone and trying to balance the average to 20C when the end result might be 21C in the hot part and 19C in the colder part?