Radiator Thermostat Hardware Lock


My bedrooms are heated via district heating, so I do not have a central thermostat that turns on or off the heating.

My house can be booked by AirBnb guests. When I have guests, I am not at home.

I have already noticed that detaching the radiator thermostat from its mount, is very easy to do. I would like to have an optional screw or clip that will prevent accidentally detaching the thermostat as unknowing guests might not know how to reattach the thermostat. If that happens the room will heat up to tropical heat. This is not only undesirable for my guests but also expensive for me.

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  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    This is a legitimate suggestion, and if more people find such a function desirable they should definitely vote for this. There will be a V4 generation of the radiator thermostat eventually (2022-2023?), and when this is a desired function tado° might consider implementing it.

    Having said that, for people actually renting out places on AirBnb and similar, you might want to add a Temperature Sensor that can be mounted on the wall wirelessly. This will take over the temperature measurement of the radiator thermostat(s) in its room, and can act as a device where tenants can adjust the temperature without touching the radiator thermostats. I realize it is not perfect for AirBnb locations, but it is something you can implement today.